My name is Anabela.  I live in Toronto, where I was born, with my husband Geoff and our cats Oreo and Pony. This blog is a collection of thoughts, inspirations, photographs, love letters.

My favourite things, which I sometimes write about, include Japanese sewing books, perfume, Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales. Pretty clothes and pastel colours. Geoff's drawings. Les petits riens, wild hearts, mythical beasts, fields of flowers. Bike rides and ice cream runs. Lula, Frankie, and Russh magazines. Joan Didion and other smart girls.

I love taking pictures with a few nice cameras that I happen to own: a Canon A-1, an Olympus Stylus Epic, a few different Dianas, as well as disposables. My everyday camera is a Nikon D90, an upgrade from a D60. I don't pretend to know what I am doing, but sometimes I don't mind the results.  My Flickr account is here.

Some music mixes I've made are here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to me through the link in my sidebar, or at anabela [at] fieldguided.com.

Thank you for reading.